Private Confidential Service

Private and Confidential Counselling/Advisory Service for Drug and Alcohol and Gambling Problems


One2One is a private and confidential service and all appointments are on a one to one basis, my office is very discretely based in Northallerton. I work on my own therefore you will not be passed from one worker to another.

I can provide you with a choice of Counselling or Psychosocial/Brief Interventions which is more a more structured work and Auricular Acupuncture to help manage cravings and anxiety.  My rates are very affordable.

If you think that you have fallen into a habit of drinking too much alcohol or you are using drugs recreationally, for example cocaine, amphetamine, ketamine and have realised  that this has become a problem, it might be time to get some support to help you get back on track.

You can refer yourself by telephone or email leaving me your contact details, I will also take referrals from staff/professionals who might be working with you.

Premises are easily accessible situated on the outskirts of Northallerton High Street and there is usually parking available directly outside. Please contact me if you have any questions, I also offer an informal Introduction meeting of 30 min which is free.


To arrange a free 30 min Initial appointment contact me on my mobile number 07872188657   I  have emergency appointments available every week.


For those who are concerned about gambling problems I can offer counselling sessions please contact me for details 07872188657